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Career Day
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Thank you for signing up for Career Day! One of our Alphabet House staffers will contact you shortly.



Volunteers are an integral part of our instructional program. Below is the Alphabet House School procedure for registering school volunteers.


  1. Each school will determine the level of the volunteer’s planned activities based on the school house guidelines. 

  2. If the volunteer’s activities will include unsupervised interaction with students, the volunteer will need to arrange for fingerprinting/background check. The volunteer must arrange to make payment for the background check . Volunteers may not participate in any activities until they have been cleared by the Alphabet House School. Volunteer background checks must be repeated once every five (5) years.

  3. Each school will advise the volunteer to complete a volunteer release form and the Volunteer Child Abuse Training.

  4. Designated school personnel will make a copy of the volunteer’s state-issued photo identification.

  5. If the prospective volunteer is a registered sex offender or fails the background check, volunteer is disqualified from all volunteer activities. The school will keep volunteer release forms for disqualified volunteers on file in main office.

  6. Once approved, the school will keep all volunteer release forms (including copy of photo ID) on file . The Alphabet House staff members are aware that at least one (1) Alphabet House staff or at least two (2) other adult volunteers must be present with students at all times.

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