Learning with ADHD

Connecting with a child who has ADHD doesn’t have to be a challenge when it comes to learning. Getting your child to retain facts and stay attentive throughout the day is all in your approach, and the key lies in understanding your child’s exact needs and meeting them right where they are. Here are a few hacks for learning and teaching children who have been diagnosed with ADHD:

* Use pictures, sounds, associations, and clever stories when delivering information that your child will need to retain.

* Practice one thing at a time and do not move on until your child has mastered the facts! The key with this practice is patience. Try not to allow your child to see any frustration or disappointment throughout the process. No matter how long it takes, stick with them until they’ve got it and be sure to congratulate them when they succeed.

* It’s proven that music and movement increase our learning capacity. Our methods of teaching with music and song have been proven to be successful throughout our teaching careers. When implementing this practice, make sure your songs are catchy and easy for your child to remember, and if you need some inspiration, check out our "Bridging the Gap" Vol. 1 album currently on sale at iTunes -- https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/bridging-the-gap/363129188

* Diet is a major key and in many cases a solution for children who deal with hyperactivity. Keep your child away from anything that contains sugar, caffeine, carbohydrates and other stimulants that contain empty calories or may cause them to crash later. Children react to differently to certain foods as well, so if you know your child goes bonkers after a bowl of grapes even though they are a healthy snack, try giving them something like raw granola instead. Also, ensure that hunger isn’t an issue when they sit down to learn as it can be very distracting!

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