Get Active!

Keeping your kids active and moving each day is a critical element in successful academia! A sedentary school day with a typical recess schedule can lead to restlessness, anxiety, mischievous behavior, and downright boredom for your child. When kids are any of these things, classroom performance and test scores go down.

At Alphabet House, we:

- Keep our children up, active, and moving as much as possible all day long. Not only does movement in the classroom increase a child’s capacity to learn, they are also given the opportunity to burn a lot of the energy they are typically encouraged to subdue in a typical classroom environment. This leads to more attentiveness and engagement in the classroom.

- Associate activity and movement with the learning process as a whole. A child’s ability to retain facts and repeat what they’ve learned soars by leaps and bounds when movement and activity are a part of the equation.

- Take multiple, short recess breaks throughout the day, not just one! Keeping a day of learning filled with physical activity is the best way to keep your child healthy, energized, and engaged while teaching them good habits at the same time.

- Encourage extracurricular sports, fun play, and competition in order to help our children maintain a healthy lifestyle and mindset.

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